Dominic Baggott, CTO, dxw

I coached dominic in his role as CTO for over a year. During that time we had weekly sessions about problems that he encountered at work, both in his own work and in helping people who reported to him. Here’s what he had to say about the experience.

I’d highly recommend working with David as a coach. The external perspective he provides for me to work through problems at work – whether that was how to organise my time more effectively, better manage my team and our work, or improve how we communicate as an executive team – is invaluable.

Being external means I have to explain the context of everything, and he tends to not accept “that’s just how it works!” as an answer. And once we’ve broken down the problem, he helps me work out what I – me personally, not me and my colleagues – could do to improve things, and whether that’s something I want to put the work in for.

As a bonus, one of the hidden benefits of working with David is that he’s got multiple book recommendations for seemingly every eventuality. It’s a great experience to order a book relevant to what we talked about, read it in the week, and then be able to dig into that in our next session.

F, head of development, dxw

Additionally, I’ve been running group coaching sessions for many teams at dxw. F, the head of the development there, has the following to say:

David has run a few sessions with our technology team on a wide variety of topics. It looks like he had a good mix of open questions to guide conversation introducing his own insights where appropriate. As a discipline lead, I find it really useful to be able to discuss the things I need to help the team get better at, and have that turn into sessions to help them do that without much more input from me. It’s too early to see the long-term impact of these sessions, but the teams have come out of them with new ideas ready to try in their work. A success in my book.

I’ve since run many more group coaching sessions there.